Format Examples (Copy and paste the following content)

NP_001106672,15 #all predictions on position 15
CCDS31508.1, G191S
NP_001120963, I
45243547,E38V,E3G # an example of gi number

Format Description----One protein ID or gi number per line. Comma delimited. Comment followed by #(if any).
(protein ID),(substitution)
Example: ENSP00000322020,L150V
SIFT will output a prediction on position 150 from L to V.

(protein ID), (substitution 1),(substitution 2),(substitution 3),...
Example: ENSP00000354040,D232A,R525H,K7Q,M585L
SIFT will output predictions on all substitutions entered.

(protein ID), dbsnp
Example: Q9NW15-2,dbsnp
SIFT will output prediction on all substitutions in dbSNP.

(protein ID),(postion)
Example: NP_001106672,15
SIFT will output all predictions on position 15.

(protein ID),(Amino Acid)
Example: uc004eul.2,A
SIFT will output predictions on all substitutions from A.